Creative Easter Basket Ideas

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Put a fresh-as-spring spin on the period’s classic carry-all.

And once you`re complete with that … get even more adorning inspire from these beautiful Easter egg designs.

Yarn-Wrapped Easter Basket

Dress up a simple Easter basket by wrapping yarn around the handle and finishing it off with a few tassels.

Paper Flower Basket

Paper flowers take a plain white Easter basket from basic to lovely.

Floral Easter Basket

Give a basket from the thrift store new life by decorated it with silk flowers and some fun strip.

Mason pot Easter Basket

Fill up mason jars with Easter toffee instead. Try topping the jars with a cheeky pair of rabbit ears from the money store. Feeling “meh” about baskets this year? Golden Easter Basket

Golden Easter Basket

This glitzy golden version is grown up and fun. Viewing for an Easter basket idea for teens?.

Mini Rabbit Tote Bag

These mini totes are lovable and perfect for babies who don’t need a big basket to partake in an Easter egg hunt just yet.

Treat Container DIY Fry Box

Follow these easy DIY steps to transform plain snowy fry containers into bunnies full of Easter candy.

Paper Bag Rabbit

Surprise your children at lunch with these cute paper bag bunnies filled with Easter treats.

Cherry Blossom Easter Basket

With faux cherry blooms and a plumy friend, this lovely Easter basket brings together all we love about springtime.

Rope Easter Basket NO-SEW MATERIAL

(It only uses four dissimilar materials!). You’ll be amazed by how easy this no-sew idea is to make

Bunny Tote Bag “Basket”

Tie up this bunny’s floppy ears to create the handle on this DIY tote.

Crocheted Easter Basket

Follow this free design to crochet a lovable Easter basket in the shape of a baby chick.

Rose Easter Basket

Strongly packed blossoms form the base of this basket.



  1. Place soaked floral foam on a teacup bowl and insert rose stems to make the base.2. Insert dry grapevines to form a handgrip. Decorate the gossip by wrapping it with a satin ribbon, finished off with a bow.
  2. Fill the basket with plastic “bejewelled” eggs: With a twisting motion starting at the top of each egg, around the egg, affixing it with glue.

String Egg Basket

All you want to make this egg-shaped Easter basket is a balloon, thread, material stiffener and a tiny bit of patience.

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