Know which hairstyle will look good on your face shape

Rate this post – The boys are very concerned about their hairstyles. But due to not having the right information, they start experimenting with any hairstyles. Now you will not have to depend on your barber for hairstyles. Because from here you will know which hairstyle would look good on the face shape.

Long And Short Hairstyles For Men According To Face Shape

Long And Short Hairstyles For Men According To Face Shape

For the square face

For the square face boys hairstyle

Footballer David Beckham for the square face is something similar. The jaw portion in the square face is quite wide, so when choosing hairstyles, it should be noted that your face is not very large. For this, choose hairstyles in which the hair of the side is small and a little longer than the next. If you wish, with a side demand you can lift a little from the front hair gel.

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For the Oval face haircut

hairstyle tipsfor boys

Faceusually on the oval face, the haircut suits normally. In this case, people with this shape should not hesitate to try new hairstyles according to the trend. These days the mustache is in tremendous fashion with short hair and side demand. Especially, in the films like ‘Dabangg’‘Rowdy Rathod’ and ‘Sakhas’, the craze has increased quite a bit in view of Salman, Akshay and Aamir Khan’s look. You may feel free to try it.

Pear shaped face for a hairstyle

Pear shaped face for a hairstyle boy

pear i.e. pear shaped facethe forehead is thin and the jaw is wide. In such a situationchoosing the hairstyle to make a face balance is the most cautious. On such face, very long hair or straight hair looks very bad because the forehead also hides from them. In such a way, the waves above the face can lift the spikes and lift them up.

Round face

Round face

While choosing hairstyles for round faces, it should be kept in mind that your overall look with your hairstyle looks balanced. In short, hair should be completely shorter or no haircut should be avoided. If you wish, instead of shortening the hair a little longer and let them look the waves. When removing the hair from the side demand, let the forward hair fall on the forehead, which will make your face look a bit longer. You can also use the French cut beard on it.

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