Minimal Make-Up Instant Hairstyle for girls and women

Rate this post – To be a party of a college or a special friend’s birthday, the light touch of make-up becomes necessary to look somewhat different and beautiful. At this age, the skin usually appears to be glowing, but due to the tension of eczema, problems arise due to dark circles or acne.


Minimal MakeUp Instant Hairstyle

Base:  Help the concealer to hide stains. After this, add two-way cake matching skin. It is a waterproof base, which does not sweat and faces refreshing.


best makeup tips

Blusher:  Rosie cheeks (cheeks) face the beauty of the face. For this you can highlight cheeks with pink, peach or brown blushers.

Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup shades

Eye Makeup:  Shades such as Emerald Green, C-Green, Electric Blue, Aqua Blue, Metallic Copper are in the trend. According to their choice and costumeselecting any shade can increase your eyesight. Blend with the black eye pencil on lower lashage. If the eyes are small then instead of mascarawhite eye Pencil can be used. This will make eyes look bigger. To give some different style, put the aqua or metallic shade liner on the eyes of the eyes. Put one or two coats of Mascara

Beautiful hands and nails

Beautiful hands and nails

Beautiful hands and nails: push the nails with the help of a cuticle pusher and then put quick dry nail paint on them. Nowadays Floral Nail Art is also very much liked. If you want, you can make it. To avoid the hassle of wearing a nail every day, you can apply semi-permanent nail pants, or you can make fingernails artistic by means of semi-permanent nail art. This nail paint and art remains tuned for almost a month.

Lip makeup

 Lip makeup tips

Lip makeup: Transparent lip gloss can make lips attractive. Also, lip gloss like light color like bubble gum pink, pel pink, lace pink or cameo pink color.

Bouncy & Shiny Hair

Bouncy & Shiny Hair

Slowly silky scarves to bring brightness to the hair. Hair will shine immediately. Bring hair before the face for bouncy hair, brushing it with flat brush and twisting backwards. Children will look bouncy and dense.

Instant hairstyle

Instant hairstyle for girls

College girls hairstyles also want something new and different that can match them on this new stage.

Center water fall

Straighten the hair with the help of a pressing machine. Then make a side French from the front by turning side side and turn the peak to the open hair. According to the dress, place beads in the top. They will look extremely elegant.

Center Puff With Streaking

Center Puff With Streaking

First, let’s straighten the hair by pressing and then make a puff with the hair between the front. Put the hair color extension on the other side of the puff. Make a twisting roll peak on one side while merging hair extensions between hair.

Double Twisting

Double Twisting high pony

Make hair side parting. Then make a high pony from the neck, leaving some of the front hairpinCurl all hair curling rod. Twist the hair left in front and pinch it to the back. Put the top of the pony or your favorite hair accessories.

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