Try these 3 hairstyles for a perfect look every girls

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“On some special occasions, the fun of decorating something different is different. From makeup to hairstyles, everything is special, every girl gets her attention.”

Such 3 glamorous hairstyles, which will delight your beauty.

  1. Absolute Hair Style

Step 1: Apply curl defining leave-in cream on the hair after shampoo and conditioner.

Step 2: Spread dry hair with a small twisted section. Gather the hair behind the neck. Set the hair on the pin.

Step 3: Pin this section well with pins Decorate the twisted section on the back, while raising the demand on the front hair.

Step 4: Apply the spotlight cream to make hairstyle finishing more beautiful.

2. Side Loose Hair Style Look

Side Loose Hair Style

Step 1: First of all it is important to comb your hair properly so that they do not get confused.

Stylish Looks Get Hair from Hair Tattoos

Step 2: Do the center parting. Now make all the hair in the side and make a lose peak.

Step 3: Now fold the peak inwards. Keep in mind that the peak should be loose and it should be loosely folded while folding it. Try to make it according to the picture. Now put a stylish clutch and give a touchy touch. Do not forget to put flawy stickers on the back of this hair style.

Step 4: Set hair spray and then set with hair spray.

3. Double Bun Hairstyle

Double Bun Hairstyle

Step 1: After washing the hair, apply Climate Control Anti Freeze Leave in Cream.

Step 2: Divide the hair into two halves. Combond them well. Now make a pony on the Crown Area with a section hair. Do this with other sections of hair too.

Step 3: Check out the pony made on the Crown Area that the two are identical. Now, lightly twist the hair of the pony, wrap it around the rubberband to become a juga. Do the same on the other side. Pin the bun well so that the ban is not open.

Step 4: Hair Spray Set Hair

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