Top 10 Cool Outdoor Planters for People Who Exactly Killed Each Plant

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Accordingly, you want to have a plush backyard or patio, whole with some super- stylish potted plants. there`s just one difficult – you don`t exactly have the greenest thumb. many chic planter designs don`t take into account how hard it is for some people to actually take care of their planet , hence if you free-for-all to keep your plants alive ,you want a container that has things like drainage holes. Of course, those perks often have a downside:

1. Sphere Light Grey Planter

For somewhat simple but still exciting, this spherical cement pot comes with a rubber drain stopper, in case you’d prefer to use it indoors.

2. Crosby Geometric Planter

Add a touch of golden with this weather-resistant, polyhedron-shaped planter.

3. Sun Porch Pot

This extra-large earthen ware and rattan planter is best for bigger outdoor plants, but it also comes in four dissimilar sizes if you have smaller plants to tend to.


4. Howell Tall Planter

This handcrafted cement planter adds a pretty little bit of texture and opinions 22″ tall.


5. Aldrich Metal Geo Planter

If you really love orderly patterns, you can go all out with these metallic geo planters.

6. Matte Blush Planter Pot


This barely blush planter pot is perfect for the minimalist who likes just a hint of color.

7. Signe Tall Planter

A popular of pink will spice up your patio, and this big planter (complete with a watering tray) is the best option.

8. Baytown Ceramic Planter

Resistant that an exclusive pattern is all it takes to liven up an otherwise basic earthenware planter pot.

9. TruDrop Self-Watering Planter

These sleek white planters with textured dot detail are also self-watering, sense you can worry about watering them way less than you generally would.

10. Wood Raised Apex Trellis Planter

If you’re complete to go full industrial outside garden, a larger raised planter with a trellis like this one should be your go-to.

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