Holi 2019: Wisely use of colors, each color has different meaning

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 2019 holi

Mylargebox.com – Holi is slowly coming closer. People’s heart is very happy with Holi. Holi is the festival of colors. colors means energy, enthusiasm and excitement. Everything is new everywhere during Holi. People celebrate holi with during Holi. But let us tell you that before congratulating people with colors, know that every single color has a meaning. That’s why you are going to tell what colors mean.

Red color

occasion of red color Holi

Most people use red color on the occasion of red color Holi. Red color is considered a symbol of glee and chastity. We all use red color on auspicious occasions. Red color is considered to be a symbol of fire, energy and passion. Apart from this, some people use black color while playing Holi. Black color is considered a symbol of space.

Yellow color

Yellow color

Yellow color is considered a symbol of purity. Yellow color displays prosperity and fame. During Holi, there is a lot of yellow color in the environment. The color of most flowers blossoming in this season is also yellow. Apart from this, white color is very much like children. It is considered to be the father of all colors.

Green color

Indicates life. During Holi, there is a green color around the environment, which indicates the beginning of a new life. That is, the green color of Holi gives inspiration to every person once again in their new life.

Blue color

Blue color

blue is the sign of peace, seriousness and stability. Although the blue color is used less in Holi. But sometimes blue gullets and Abir are seen. The color of water and air is considered to be blue. For this reason it is linked to life and nature.

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