In winter, beetles have fallen from the hair, troubled, this recipe of fenugreek will bring relief in a few days.

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Mylaregbox.comHair fall becomes the problem of every other person as soon as the weather changes. If your beautiful hair is fast moving then you should adopt this recipe instead of fenugreek. This recipe of methi will remove your problems in a few days. Let’s know exactly how.

This  winter session  4  tips for hair fall problem😯

1. Gooseberry

Amla health is not only a boon for hair. Apart from eating it, you should leave the pulp with lemon juice and leave it for the night. Cover the hair with a cloth and wash it in the morning.

2. Fenugreek


To keep hair health, keep fenugreek soaked overnight. After this, grind it in the morning and make a paste. Put this paste on the hair for about 40 minutes. Wash the hair well after 40 minutes.


3. Aloe vera gel

Apply the aloe vera gel or juice for good growth of hair and wash it after half an hour. Place it two to three times a week. Hair loss with shine in the hair will also fall.


4. Onion juice

In addition to fenugreek, after washing the onion juice in the hair for half an hour, wash the hair. The interest prevents hair from all kinds of infections.

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