These easy 10 ways to lose weight

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Easy 10 ways to lose weight tips –  Weight Loss easy 10 way: Looking for ways to lose weight, these 10 ways will be very beneficial for you”

These easy 10 ways to lose weight

Water kick-boxing

Weight Loss easy way

Water kick-boxing is a fantastic exercise. It not only improves your physical health but also strengthens mental retention. Water kick boxing is practically practiced for almost whole body and it also easily reduces fat frozen on body parts such as thyies, arms, ballet and back.


Cropped view of a female cyclist on her bicycle

Bicycling is the fantastic exercise for Thais, Bailey and Beck. By bicycle driving half an hour daily, you can reduce the weight by two to three kg in a month. Even if you do not want to ride a bike, you still lie on the back of Yoga Matte. Lift up the legs and lift the legs as you walk and walk the same way. It will also get the same benefit.

Bailey dance

Baily dance is one of the best exercises for waist and abdomen. Removing fat is not easy here but it can be easily reduced by ballistic dance. By exercising around half an hour, you can dilute your waist up to one and a half in a month. This exercise also makes the body flexible.

 include proteins in your diet

 include proteins in your diet

Please include proteins in your diet. Protein is helpful in reducing your weight. When you consume protein, you do not feel hungry anymore. You can remove unnecessary fat accumulated in the body by consuming protein.


Juice fasting is considered for weight management. This facilitates the digestion process, which makes it easy to lose weight. Juice fasting also works as a medicine for many serious diseases.



Eat as much salad as you can. Not once, you can eat salads even two to three times a day. By eating it, where the digestive system is corrected, there are nutrients also available to the body

 Eggs can be included in your diet

Weight Loss

If you want to reduce the weight, then the eggs can be included in your diet. If you are eating eggs for weight loss, then the best option is Scrabble Egg. To reduce weight, you can eat scramble egg with raw vegetables and fruits.

 Moong dal

 Moong dal diet for weight loss.

Moong dal diet can be weighed up to 5 kg in 10 days and they also have no effect on health. Actually, there are very nutritious ingredients in the moong dal which do not allow any body to lack anything. So you can try this diet for weight loss.

 homemade food

Keto, ketogenic diet, low carb, high good fat , healthy food

Eat homemade food so that you can avoid extra calories used in sausage, marinated, salad or dressing. Make salads yourself and use colorful things in it – like carrots, radish, turnips, salad leaves, tomatoes, broccoli etc. Eat a bowl full of salad, and then eat roti, vegetables and pulses

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