Come to Jaisalmer and do not forget to taste these 6 daises

Rate this post – you can enjoy the traditional and famous cuisine of Rajasthan by visiting Jaisalmer. The lanes of the ladders arise in the fragrance of kachodi in the morning, and on these days, you can taste many things like dal-bati churma, murg-e-veg, gatta vegetable, mutton sag and churma. So if you have come to be part of the Jaisalmer Desert Festival, your journey without eating these traditional dishes is incomplete.

jaisalmer food speciality

Come to Jaisalmer and do not forget to tear these dishes

Mutton Greens

One of Jaisalmer’s famous street foods is Mutton Greens. In it, mutton is prepared with spinach puree and Rajasthani spices which look very tasty. If you are a non vegetarian then come to Jaisalmer and do not miss it at all.

Chicken a vegetables

Chicken a vegetables

In Rajasthan, however, the variety of vegetarian dishes is more in the food. But for non-vegetariansGuinea-choosed two-three dishes are enough to meet their shortcomings. In this, chicken is prepared with spices.

Dal-Bati Churma

Dal-Bati Churma

This is a traditional and very famous dish of Rajasthan which tastes tastes everywhere from small shops to large restaurants. In this, three different types of different items are served together. Dried pulses made from gram, tuvar, moong, urad are well cooked with spices.This is called the punchmale dal. After cooking the bait made from flour, it is dipped in ghee, which works to increase its flavor. And then serve it with bati. The pickle of mango, along with onion rings and buttermilk, enhances your food taste.

Gatte ki sabji

Gatte ki sabji

The easily digested dish is also the identity of the Rajasthan cityGatta beans are small spheres which are fried and fried in spicy curry. It can be served with bread and rice to anyone.

Pyaaj kee kachaudee

Pyaaj kee kachaudee

Here, people like to eat pyaaj kee kachaudee for breakfast. In Jaisalmer not only in the cities of AamerJaipur and Jodhpur, the lanes arise from the scent of these jugglers. You can taste it at the shops next to each tourist spot. It is served with sauce and curry.

Kare Sangari

Kare Sangari

Kerr is a wild plum whose taste is sour-sweet and the Sangari long bean is found in Jaisalmer and Barmer. The climate here is favorable for the cultivation of sangri. This dish, made with oil and spices, is served with millet bread and buttermilk.

Welcome to Jaisalmer enjoy these dishes

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