Do extremely cheap foreign travel; India’s 100 rupees are worth 20 thousand rupees

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most popular trips The Indian currency is always compared to the American currency and disappointment is always there. The main reason for this is that the rupee has never been raised above the dollar till date, and the difference is like the sky at all. Today, a dollar is equal to 69.37 rupees. But there is no need to be so disappointed that the Indian currency is not so weak. If you want to travel abroad, then start adding the bucks, because in some rupees you can also go abroad. Know about the beautiful countries where the currency is very weak compared to the Indian rupee, which you have not even imagined.



Vietnam is a country known for its Buddhist pagoda, splendid Vietnamese dishes and rivers. Vietnam is the perfect place for the Indians to stay, because the culture here is very different. This is not too far away and it is not too expensive because here it is equivalent to 1 rupee, 355.04 Vietnamese Dong. Museum of warfare and French architecture are the center of attraction.


Countries with islands get clear blue water and tropical climate in Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the countries where the value of Indian currency is quite high. Here is the equivalent of 1 rupee, 207.78 Indonesian rupiah. Apart from this, Indians are given a free visa here. Which means that you can roam the beautiful country without spending much?



Cambodia is popular for its Angkor Wat temple made of huge stones. Indian citizens can move around without spending more. Its royal palaces, national museums and archaeological ruins are the centers of attraction. Cambodia is quite popular among tourists in the West. Now its popularity is gradually spreading among the Indians. Here is the equivalent of 1 rupee, 63.23 Cambodian rial.



Japan’s sushi and cherry flowers are the center of attraction. You will be surprised to know that it is one of the countries whose currency is less than the Indian Rupees. Japan is a country whose culture is quite old, yet one of the most technologically advanced countries. Here, 1 rupee is equal to 1.70 Japanese yen.


Hungarian architecture and its culture are quite popular, influenced by Roman, Turkish and other cultures. Hungary’s Capital Budapest is one of the world’s most romantic cities. Here’s the equivalent of 1 rupee, 3.99 Hungarian frontiers.


Paraguay is located in South America and is the first choice of those travelers who prefer to go to neighboring countries like Brazil or Argentina. However, the beauty of nature is visible in Paraguay. Indians can roam comfortably here because here it is equivalent to 1 Rupee, 88.48 Paraguayan Guarani.

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