Manipur is planning to roam, so take these 5 discs

Manipur famous food discs
Rate this post What if the North East state of India did not see the beautiful of Manipur? For peace and nature lovers, this place is not less than heaven. Given the beauty of Manipur, this city is called Switzerland of India. There are many famous places like Shaheed Minar, Temple of Govindji, Lake of Vishnupur, Lokkat Lake and Sendra Island, Ima Bazar, Kebul, Old Palace, Museum, Liamo National Park and Kangla Palace to roam here. It is also known for not eating only for tourism, which also comes from far away to tourists.

Indian butter chicken curry in balti dish

If you are planning to go to Manipur then do not forget to try this dish of food.

Airboas are cooked

by boiling the fish in this dish. This will serve you with rice. If you like to eat fish then you will definitely like this dish.


This special dish of Chamthong Manipur is like soup. Seasonal vegetables are boiled to prepare this dish. You will always remember the fun of eating it with rice and fish.



People of Pankam Manipur prefer fish rice. This dish is also made from fish, but it looks like potato tikki or kebab. It is served with dish sauce and chutney.


Manipuri Salad

Go to Siganju Manipur and do not do the Famous Manipuri Salad there, so what did TRAI do? This salad contains the mixture of cauliflower, onion, lotus cutting, ginger leaf and ginger. It will definitely serve you with every dish

Spicy Chutney

Spicy Chutney

Morok Meta is a Tasty and Spicy Chutney, which is prepared by mixing onions and green chillies. This sauce is eaten with fries and boiled fish.



What is the reason for eating kheer khicha and not mention sweet, how can it be? This kheer is prepared with a special rice, milk and some fruits. Its color is of some purple color.

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