Looks like stylish in saree

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What kind of footwear is worn with sari, it also matters a lot

Mylargebox.com – No matter how modern our attire may be, but the beauty of the Indian woman can not take any western wear to the sari’s place. In a well-worn sari, you will be glamorous and sexy, as well as become the party’s lover. But it is important for us to take care of these things-

stylish in saree

Saree selection

Saree selection

First of all, we have to keep in mind what we need to be prepared for. If we want to be ready for the wedding ceremony, then we have to choose a heavy saree. Nowadays, the fashion of the embroidery is anyway. But if you are going to someone’s Birth Day Party or Family Gate Together, then you can choose light sarees, printed silk, cotton, chiffon or gorgate.

Sari dropping

The same way that you know how to wear sari dressing better and also according to the opportunity. If you go wearing a dressing scarf in the Family Gate Together then you will become eligible for laughter and people will not be tempted to gossip about you.

Blouse fittings

Blouse fittings´╗┐

The fitting of the saddle-blouse blouse is also fine, more tight blouses or even a loose blouse will also reduce your charm. Therefore, it is necessary that the blouse be made from an expert teller.


Choose jewelery as per opportunity and sarees. Heavy jewelery will look good on heavy sari, but if you wear heavy jewelery on Chiffon’s sari, it will not look good and will ruin your look too.

Chiffon and Georgett’s sari, instead of hand-picked choodies, instead of a simple bracelet, and a thinner chain in the throat, will provide you with smart look, as well as make guests laugh at your grace.

If you are slim

If you are slim then you can wear cotton, tissue and orangenza sari. Heavy Kanjiwaram and Banarasi saris will also fade on you for the occasion of marriage marriage. But if your height is low then choose a thin border or a saris without border. The langa style sari would also have a lot on the slim figure.

Plus size if

Avoid cotton, orangenas and heavy saries too. You will look slim in the sarches of Georgette and Chiffon. Women of Plus Size Figure should choose only darker sarees. Along with the selection of sarees, the method of wearing sari is very important, so wear the sari properly and wear it.


heeled sandal

It is also important to wear a footwear with sarees, always choose a heeled sandal or sleeper with sari. With this you will be smart and you will also see slim.

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